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Benefits of Online Shopping

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The Global 2019 study by HootSuite and We Are Social reveals that the typical Internet consumer invests more than a quarter of his time on the World Wide Web, online an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes per day.

The internet has revolutionized the way we conduct our lives in big ways and in basic ways, from how we communicate with our loved ones and how we purchase online. As online shopping upends the retail business, consumers are more educated than ever. Every shopper has access to all the information on their fingertips or in their pockets that makes it a universal phenomenon. There is more transparency for online shopping, as shoppers would no longer shop on a single platform, but cross-referencing across multiple platforms.

What are some of the reasons that many people love online shopping, and why is it so popular? Here are our reasons for shopping online.



The operating hours of the physical establishment vary from the festive period to the event. Celebration such as Chinese New Year and the current global pandemic of COVID-19, disrupts the routine and behavior of retail businesses. It's only natural that shoppers would prefer to shop from the safety of their own homes as much as possible.

Online stores are usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



As watch enthusiasts, we love to browse through social media sites like Facebook / Instagram, check out the latest news and get some new inspiration. There are no annoying queues or crowds. We know what we want and there's no shopping pressure there.


Wide Selection

There are so many leather straps, rubber straps, NATO straps & Apple's watch straps in the market when it comes to watch straps. With the rising cost of shelf space, physical establishment has limitation on spaces. It is vitally important for a retailer to find the right product range and inventories.


Clear Pricing

As prices are subjective to individuals, we are not talking about prices, but about how retail outlets display their prices. You know what we're talking about here.

You just happened to be passing through a watch shop. Attracted by their wide range of watch straps, displayed inside glass cabinets. This is when you realize that there is no clear indication of prices for each strap. What will you do? You're curious but don't want to be pressured.

Online store typically has a clear price on each product.


And while shoppers get more tech-savvy and often shop online, they like the brick-and-mortar experience as well. There are definitely some drawbacks to shopping online, such as the need to physically test or try watch straps before buying them. It's up to our own personal preferences.

Do you agree with our lists? How do you shop for your watches or watch straps? let us know down the comment section!


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