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All You Need To Know About Coup De Coeur

How do you pronounce Coup De Coeur?

It is pronounced as Coup De Coeur [koo-de-quer].


What is the meaning Coup De Coeur?

Coup De Coeur is the feeling when you fall in love with something instantly. The kind of feeling that goes straight to your heart. The feeling that we had when we designed our watches and watch straps.

Coup De Coeur


What happens to www.coupdecoeur.sg?

We started with both domains coupdecoeur.sg and watch.sg. Over a period of time, this caused confusions for our fans so we have decided to drop the domain coupdecoeur.sg. Having said that, we want to keep our roots and brand. That is why our Facebook & Instagram page remains as CoupDeCoeur.SG.


Are we affiliated with meWATCH?

No. Our website watch.sg has no affiliation with meWATCH.sg.


Past Events

- Robinsons The Heeran - Orchard

- Robinsons - Raffles City

- Sentosa Golf Club

- Sentosa Pavillion

Coup De Coeur Sentosa


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