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Opinion : Should It Be Called "Watch Strap" or "Watch Band"?

Here I am at my workplace, doing my work, and suddenly a thought came to my mind.

"Would people get confused between the term "watch straps" and "watch bands"?"

Some people call it watch strap and others call it watch band. What's the correct term? What is the difference between watch "strap" vs "band"?

Before we dive in, let's look at the meaning of each word.

Let's look at Cambridge Dictionary.


- a narrow piece of leather or other strong material used for fastening something or giving support:



- a thin, flat piece of cloth, elastic, metal, or other material put around something, or a long, narrow piece of colour, light, etc. that is different from what surrounds it:


Let's look at Merriam-Webster.



- a narrow usually flat strip or thong of a flexible material and especially leather used for securing, holding together, or wrapping
- a strip of leather used for flogging
- a band, plate, or loop of metal for binding objects together or for clamping an object in position



- something that confines or constricts while allowing a degree of movement
- a strip serving to join or hold things together: such as a cord or strip across the back of a book to which the sections are sewn
- a strip of material that holds together or goes around something else
- a strip of something that is different from what it goes around or across


Technically, by Cambridge Dictionary's definition, if it's made of leather, it should be called a strap, otherwise it would be band. However both meanings offered alternatives such as "other hard substance" and "other material placed". Merriam-Webster is slightly vague on its definition. Which term do you prefer? Am I the only one overanalyzing everything? Let me know what you think!
- C.D.C


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