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Why More Ladies Are Wearing Men's Watches

Watches for women with diamond stones and slim watch straps are not for everyone

There are plenty of finely made, jeweled feminine watches on the market that can meet the high expectations of any woman out there. Literally thousands of them yet ladies are turning from feminine to masculine watches. The norm of a “standard size” watch no longer becomes a standard.

Let’s get started with our reasons on why more ladies love wearing men’s watches!

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore's Ambassador : Sharon (@sharonachia)

Truly Individual Style

Think about it, why wouldn't you want to be yourself? Who else are you supposed to be if not yourself?

In reality, people stray away from whom they truly are just to fit in and feel accepted by others to satisfy our need for approval. Wearing a men’s watch makes a statement about their personal style in general.

The bigger and bolder face offers a nice way to balance feminine pieces like an engagement ring. Women’s watches often have unnecessary details that men’s watches don’t.

Men's watches are designed not only to be functional, but crafted with utmost care and taste, that they come out to be really beautiful and fashionable.

Simplicity is key, especially when you want to wear every day and for many years.

 Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore's Ambassador : Eileen (@eileenxcheng)

Watch Enthusiast

The engine of the watch, the internal mechanism (also known as a “calibre”) of what makes the watch and it functions work.

Admiring the craftsmanship and the beauty of a mechanical watch is not just for men.

Who doesn’t love the smooth sweeping second hands on their watch? Not to mention, the feel of the oscillating weight inside the watch as it moves around doing its work to store energy and keep time, simply amazing!

The truth is, there is a very limited selection of automatic watches under 36mm for women. Automatic watches are usually thicker because of the additional rotor. It will cause the watch to look out of proportion. That is the reason why most women’s watches are quartz.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore's Ambassador : REGINA (@leyjina)

This Is What Being An Independent Woman Means

The word, “Independent” is not often heard of especially from the people of the older generation when it comes to women. If you ask women whether they want to depend on a man to support them, most will say no.

Young women today have jobs, paychecks, and interesting goals.

They are ambitious, hard-working and self-sustaining.

The bold look of a man's watch often tells of how alpha he is. Lots of women sporting these watches also want to make a statement, tell the world how strong they are. Men's watch on a woman's wrist communicates confidence in herself to the world.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore's Ambassador : Sharon (@sharonachia)


There are lots of reasons why a woman may want to sport a man's watch, sometimes it's personal, sometimes it's simply for the fashion and real men's watches often look good on them. Although men typically never wear a woman’s watch, women love to wear men’s watches. Oh well, this is something men do not mind.

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