What Are The Components Of An Mechanical Watch?

The components of a mechanical watch typically include:

  • Movement: The mechanism that powers the watch and keeps time
  • Mainplate: The base plate that holds all the movement components
  • Gears: Transmit power from the mainspring to the escapement
  • Escapement: Regulates the release of energy to the balance wheel
  • Balance Wheel: Regulates the speed of the timekeeping
  • Mainspring: Stores energy and provides power to the movement
  • Crown: Used to set the time and wind the mainspring
  • Hands: Indicate the time on the dial
  • Dial: Displays the time
  • Case: Protects the movement and provides a mounting for the dial and hands
  • Crystal: Covers and protects the dial
  • Stem: Transfers power from the crown to the movement

Note: This is a basic list and some watches may have additional or alternative components.

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