[Custom] Handmade Epsom Watch Strap
[Custom] Handmade Epsom Watch Strap
[Custom] Handmade Epsom Watch Strap
Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore

[Custom] Handmade Epsom Watch Strap

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GUIDE [ Do I need a custom watch strap? ]

Coup De Coeur's Custom Epsom Watch Strap

Get your very own unique watch strap with Coup De Coeur!

Each individual strap will be made according to your requirements.

If you have any special request, feel free to contact us at sales@watch.sg

Leading time : Estimate 30 days.

Method 1: Measure from the Watch Case

Measure the width between the watch lugs in millimeters(mm). It is important to measure ONLY from the inside of the lugs as shown in example 1.

Inaccurate readings could lead to not fitting or a loose fitting (You will see gap between the watch strap to the watch). We do recommend to use a pair of vernier calipers if not a ruler to take the measurement.


Method 2: Measure from the Watch Strap

Measure the width at the END of the watch strap as shown in example 2.

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