Do I Need A Custom Watch Strap?

There's a saying "Behind every successful man timepiece there is a woman. tasteful watch strap" 

 The complete look of the watch often depends a good combination of the watch and the watch straps. It works hand in hand, wrist in wrist. *figuratively"

You know that feeling of scrolling past list of straps and could not find the PERFECT strap?

You have something in mind. You shortlisted some, likely to meet most of your requirements, but not the ideal strap you had pictured.

It might be just the difference of size variation, thickness, leather choices or stitching colour. Or maybe you have an extreme small/huge wrist that might not able to fit most of the watch strap size. 

Unusual Watch Strap Size

We once have this enquiry on a 26mm watch strap. Initially it was not an issue for us, but the tricky part comes when our client insisted on using back their original buckle which is -4mm (22mm) from the buckle width.

This is where we offer our custom strap service. We handmade each individual strap to suit your needs and deliver right to your doorstep.

With our expertise, we do not require customers to bring their watch to us for a quotation. Just some basic information of your watch and we are good to proceed.

This saves you time and convenience. 

110mm/70mm(left) and 95mm/60mm(right)

Photo : 110mm/70mm Blue Epsom Leather(left) & 95mm/60mm Burgundy Epsom Leather(right)

What can I customise on my watch strap?

1) Types of Leather

Let's start with the most basic question. What kind of leather you are looking for? 

We have Cow Leather(including Epsom Leather), Stingray, Python and Alligator.

Coup De Coeur's Brown Crocodile Leather Watch Strap

Photo : Brown Crocodile Leather With Cream Stitching (above)

Epsom leather is a type of leather that is characterized by its grained texture and matte finish. The term "Epsom" refers to the process used to produce the leather, which involves embossing the surface to create a distinct pattern. This type of leather is often used in the production of high-end goods such as handbags, wallets, and other leather goods.

2) Colour

Once you have decided on the leather, we will proceed to the colours.

Colours are ways to describe ourselves. What colour best describes your inner personality?

Photo : Blue Epsom Leather

Photo : Blue Epsom Leather

3) Stitching

And yes! We could customise even to the things like stitching. Normally we would go either with white or the same colour as your strap.

Want something different? Get a red stitching on a black leather strap instead.

Coup De Coeur's Epsom Black Leather With White and Black Stitching

Photo : Epsom Black Leather Strap with White & Black Stitching

4) Size and Length

Here is the important part. Do you want your watch strap to be straight or tapered cut? Standard or non-standard width and length? 

20mm Burgundy Epsom Leather tapered to 18mm at buckle.

Photo : 20mm Burgundy Epsom Leather tapered to 18mm at buckle.

5) Padding

Do you require padding or non padding?


Photo : Epsom Leather with padding.

6) Buckle Type

Now it comes to the buckle. What kind of buckles would you like your watch strap to be fitted on?

We have the pin buckles and the deployant clasp also known as butterfly/deployment clasp.

6) Optional Request

Lastly, is there anything you would like us to add on? Our customer once requested for a different colour on the strap holder.

Coup De Coeur's Custom Fitted Watch Strap

Photo : Brown Alligator Leather With Cream Strap Holder

Photo : Dark Brown Alligator Leather With Cream Strap Holder

Photo : Dark Brown Alligator Leather With Cream Strap Holder


There are a million different ways to customise. Getting a custom watch strap is indeed a very interesting process.

If you find all these to be slightly confusing. Don't worry!

Feel free to contact our friendly staff and we will be glad to assist you.


If you have any feedback of our writeup, feel free to write in to us at

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  • Joe Chong on

    Hi, my wife need a shorter strap like 95/60 mm for a 24 lug on a panerai. Will like to have bright pink Leather. Any to recommend?

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