14 Steps on How To Adjust Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet

Many watches come with standard yet adjustable bracelets. Chances that these watches often come with bracelets which are longer than the average wrist and will need to be adjusted to fit your wrist.

If you've gotten yourself a watch with a bracelet that's too long, you can quickly adjust it yourself at home. We would advice to take it to a jeweller to do it for you, not because it is hard to adjust yourself - it's pretty easy, but you'll need some professional tools which you probably may not have right now.

Fret not! The tools are quite easy to improvise anyway, so let's get this done quickly so you can put it on. Don't worry, we'll show you how to improvise.


  • A push pin or use a Tack
  • A pair of nose needle pliers / your pliers
  • A small jewelry hammer
  • A clean flat surface; your table will do.

Steps To Adjust Your Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet

1. Put the watch on and try to get the number of links that will need to be removed.

2. Lay the watch on the table and divide the number of links to he removed equally between both sides. This will help to keep the wristwatch head center when you put it on.

3. Find the pin holding the link in place. It is the point you'll need to severe the link.

4. Get your push pin or Tack and use it to push the pin out. Often you'll find an arrow pointing in one direction; it is the direction you'll have to push the pin through.

5. If you find it hard pushing the pin out, use the hammer and hit the push pin gently to push out.

6. Once the pin has been sufficiently pushed out on the other side, use the needle nose pliers to pull it all the way out.

7. You'll need to detach the clasp from the removed link. To do this, follow the same process used for removing the link. Find the pin holding the clasp and push it out and the clasp will fall off.

8. After detaching the clasp from the removed link, you'll now attach it back to the main watch link so that you can wear it.

9. Line up the clasp with the end of the band you detach a link from.

10. You should see a clear hole that a pin can go through. Take one of the pins and push it in. Often it'll go almost all the way through.

11. If it doesn't, use the hammer to push it in by gently hitting it.

12. Your Watch is now adjusted, and you can wear it to see if it fits fine.

13. If it's too tight, you have probably over-adjusted it. You can easily repeat the process and add a link or more as needed.

14. And if it still feels loose, you can count the links that need to be removed and repeat the process.


This is primarily written for the stainless steel watch bracelet, you do not need to follow this same exact steps for other types of watch bands like the Milanese or Mesh.


If you have any feedback of our writeup, feel free to write in to us at sales@watch.sg.

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