5 Intriguing Features to Consider When Shopping for Men's Watches

Features To Consider Before Committing To A Wristwatch

Buying your first luxury watch is something of a milestone and as such should be given proper attention.

A wristwatch like any other fashion item reflects your taste and the image you wish to project. Knowing the importance of a wristwatch, it's necessary you own the best you can afford.

I've written this detailed guide to help you get the best wristwatch as a man.


The first feature you should consider before getting the watch of your dream is understanding what makes the watch tick.

Movement is the mechanism that makes your watch tick. Though hidden from the eyes, the multiplex device buried in the box is critical.

There are two types of watch movements, quartz and automatic movement. The quartz movement makes use of an oscillator, regulated by a piece of quartz. The whole setup is powered by a cell, to keep time. The quartz movement is what you'll find in most low priced wrist watches as they are relatively cheap and easy to make.

Automatic movement is the second type of caliber. This is often the most preferred choice of most luxury watchmakers and lovers. Though less accurate than a quartz movement.

Automatic movement makes use of a complex mechanical gear system to tell time. It needs to be rewound.

Most automatic wristwatches use the movement of the wrist to rewound automatically, hence the name “automatic”

Quartz vs. automatic: for most high-end wrist watches like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai and Omega, automatic movements are always the most preferred choice. Automatic movement does not use monotonous tick like quartz watches to tell time. They make use of clean, quiet sweep movements.

Type Of Material 

Canvas, gold, silver, plastic, stainless steel and titanium are favourite materials used for making wristwatches. It's proper you consider the type of material before paying for a watch. Metallic watches are amazing and often very masculine.


A watch is a fashion accessory. Watch straps makes them even more fashionable and can determine the occasion you can use them.

Watch strap comes in different materials - leather plastic or metals. Leather watch straps are the most popular and are suitable for a wide range of occasions. 

Water Resistance 

Most watches offer a degree of water resistance, and as such you don't have to worry about it getting spoilt after a splash. The water resistance ability of watches varies and as such a wash resistant to splash may not withstand a torrent downpour or a dive. Watches with water-resistant 100 ATM ratings are suitable for diving. Anything less than that is not suitable for a swim. 

Extra Features 

Most automatic wristwatches comes with extra features that makes everything easier for you like chronograph, moon phase, calendar and other features.

Look for a watch with a combination of features you need and you'll be happy for paying for it.

Find one with a feature you use regularly and you'd save yourself more time and money too.


Finding the perfect watch depending on individuals. In Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore, we want our products to have the best price/performance ratio. Customers are paying for the material cost and not marketing. With a wide combination of watch straps, we ensure that our watches are made to be unique. This way we kept the cost down without compromising the accuracy of our automatic watches. Feel free to check our catalogues for our selections of watches.


If you have any feedback of our writeup, feel free to write in to us at sales@watch.sg.

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