Types Of Watch Straps

Watch straps are not only popular because they are needed to keep the watch on your wrist, they are popular because they are one of the most fashionable parts of your wrist watch aside the face.

When it comes to choosing a strap for your automatic watch, you have lots of options, from the material used for the design on the watch straps.

Types of Coup De Coeur's Watch Straps by Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore

Watch strap is a matter of personal preference

Choosing a strap shouldn't be cost dependent as it says a lot about your taste. As such you might want to get what suits you the best.

Check out the diagram below :

Types of Watch Straps by Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore


While the decision on the types of watch strap is typically a matter of personal preference, there are some factors that may influence your decision.

Below I've discussed the various types of straps for your automatic wristwatch.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - White Leather Watch Straps

Leather straps (2 piece watch straps)

Leather straps commonly known as two-piece watch straps for obvious reasons. Leather straps are the most common strap for dress watches. This comes in a plethora design and are very durable. Do note that the cost of leather straps may vary depending on their quality of leather and craftsmanship, especially on how detailed the stitching is. 

Conventional leather straps often come in neutral black or brown color to suit one’s outfit. They blend perfectly with our skin tone, it gives us more of a modern and elegant vibe. If you are thinking to step up your watch game, check out Coup De Coeur’s leather watch straps collection. With more than 15 different colours to match, the combinations of any outfit you can think of are endless.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - Rubber Watch Strap


 The rubber strap is something anyone with a love for diving or swimming should consider getting. It offers good breathability and is totally water resistant. Since they aid ventilation, wearing them during sports and physical activity is often a good idea as well.

Since the rubber bands are very fashionable due to their slim profile and unique color variety, anyone can make use of them for any occasion, though they are best for casual occasions.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - NATO watch strap 


 The NATO band is made mostly from nylon and comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. NATO band has more of a “squared-off” buckle look that attached to the strap.

The NATO straps were first used by the US military due to its simple slip on design, beauty and durability. The NATO strap is the easiest watch straps you can put in place or change within a few seconds.

If you work constantly close to water, the NATO strap might be your best choice. Wetness has no effect on it and it comes in so many designs and colors that you'll always find one that matches your outfit.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - ZULU watch strap


The Zulu strap is made of leather materials and sometimes it is made with nylon, the same as NATO strap. ZULU strap has more of a “ring” look that attached to the strap. The main difference between NATO and ZULU is how they are worn on the wrist.

Zulu straps are very durable and beautiful, but you might want to use Zulu with larger sized watches as they are kind of awkward with small faced wrist watches.

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets

 Metal bracelets are metallic straps made from different metals often come with metal clasp. Some are pure gold, silver, stainless steel and other exotic metals. Others combine two metals for more aesthetic. Depending on the material, bracelets are often expensive, but at the same time are gorgeous and you'll find they are really worth it.

The good thing is, metal bracelets require substantially less upkeep. You do not need to worry about wear and tear. Even when aging does appear, it can be polished away in no time. But, as we mentioned above, a metal clasp is often a “love or hate thing”. Is either you love it or you hate it.



There's no rule that says you are only allowed to choose one strap. Owning a good combination of watch straps not only will extend the lifespan of each strap but it gives you the opportunity to own a “new” watch each time you change the strap. Want to know the exact width of your watch strap? Check out our “Watch Strap Size Guide” here !


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