5 Reasons Why You Should Wear an Automatic Movement Watch

First of all, you don’t even need to wear a wristwatch. People have been living from time immemorial without a watch.

What do you need it for? People have been obsessed with keeping tab with the passage of time for ages, but wristwatch was only introduced a couple of years ago.

Today, there are few reasons why people wear watch considering that the passage of time can be measured through our various mobile phones.

However, in the last couple of years, automatic watches, also called kinetic or self-winding watches have gained prominence.

Many of these watches are not just timepieces; they are stunning personal accessories that provide a practical function of keeping time and complement people’s outfit. So why do you need an automatic wristwatch?

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear an Automatic Movement Watch by Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting an automatic watch:

SGC Classic Black Automatic Watch with Royal Blue Leather Watch Strap
1. Status or Style Statement

The automatic watch is without a doubt, a key fashion accessory. It complements a person’s look and helps to define personality in a more captivating and enthralling manner. Watches have become part of some people’s identity to the extent that some feel naked if they are not wearing one. While some people consider wristwatch as a complement to the overall look, others use automatic watches to make a statement of their status or style.

Convenience of Watches

2. Convenience

The major reason why automatic wristwatch is invented is convenience. The possibility to check the time with just a flip of the wrist was actually the key driver for its development. Being able to check the time hands-free is very handy in situations like driving a car or motorbike. A wristwatch is even a must use for some people during certain sports activities. Think about this! How convenient would it be for a referee to check his mobile phone during a match? But beware, don’t check the time with the same hand you’re using to hold a filled glass of drink!

3. Less distracting than phones

Occasionally, you just need to keep tab with time. For such situations, having a wristwatch is the best decision one can ever make – it gives one the time and eliminates further distractions. But when people check time through their mobile phone, there is the possibility of distraction since that is when they discover they have unread messages, app updates or many notifications on the different social media apps present on their smartphone. This will definitely lead to a waste of time.

Allowed Anywhere

4. Allowed everywhere

The good thing about automatic wristwatches is that they are allowed anywhere. In some certain situations, they are the only tool allowed for checking the passage of time. For instance, mobiles can be barred from some political meetings and schools are now forbidding the use of phones in the examination halls. Similarly, several hospitals forbid the use of phones in some areas and doctors can only rely on a wristwatch or wall clock.

Élan [17 Variations] Automatic Watch

5. Heirloom

When some high-end watches are brought into the discussion, using heirloom won’t be a big word to use for these wrist watches. For some other watches, even if they might be passed from one generation to the other, they are expected to last many years. We can’t use the same word to qualify mobile phones that become obsolete and out of fashion couple of years after they are bought. In other words, automatic wrist watches possess longer lasting intrinsic value.
In a nutshell, hate them or love them, automatic wrist watches are here to stay. They may come in a different style or make, but they remain a good companion for a majority of us. Now all you need to do is to make it happen by choosing the next stunning automatic wristwatch that matches your style and status perfectly.


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