China vs Japan vs Swiss Automatic Movement

What is the difference between “Swiss Made” and “Swiss Movement”?

Have you come across the terms “Swiss Movement” or maybe “Swiss Made”?

When a watch has “Swiss Movement”, but made entirely in China, is it still considered a Swiss watch? There is a huge difference between “Swiss Movement” and “Swiss Made”.

But for this topic, we will be focusing on the movement instead.

The watch movement is the heart of the watch. It is the same concept as engine when we are referring to cars.

It is the most important part of a wristwatch. The movement of a watch is the mechanism that makes that watch tick or sweeps in some cases.

While most countries can make quartz movements, not all can make good mechanical watch movements. The reason being: quartz movements are relatively simple and easy to produce. They can be easily made to tell time with greater accuracy.

As such the country in which a quartz movement is produced is often not important. But that's not the case with mechanical movements, especially movements for automatic watches.

Automatic watches make use of complex and tiny gear systems to keep time. The whole system is powered by a mainspring. The mainspring is wounded by the movement of your body and as it unwinds, it moves the gear closest to it. This movement, in turn, moves the next year and so on until the movement gets to the hands of the clock.

Where a watch movement is produced is very important. It is especially when the parts are incredibly small and often delicate. Do you know the small magnifying glass used by jewellers and watchmakers? That is called a Loupe. It has been shown countless times that a watch movement is only as good as the country in which it was produced.

The intricate nature of automatic movement makes it virtually impossible to produce in countries with inadequate technological skills and craftsmanship.

Currently, the leading makers of automatic movements are China, Japan, and Switzerland.

The accuracy of automatic movement from these countries differs. They have different levels of technologies for watchmaking and while some are new in the art of movement making, others have been in the art right from the beginning.

We'll discuss each movement from the above countries here and help you find one which is best for you.

China(Chinese) Movement

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - China Movement

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A Chinese movement is a watch movement that is manufactured in China. China(Chinese) movements are often the lowest priced watch movement in the watch industry.

Most believe this type of movement is not very accurate and as such cannot be relied on to tell the time with great accuracy.

Most luxury watch manufacturers stay away from China(Chinese) watch movements and they can only be found in low priced watches. However, chinese movements have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their low cost and high reliability.

Japan Movement

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - Japan Movement

A Japan movement is a watch movement that is manufactured in Japan. Japanese movements are known for their reliability, accuracy, and affordability. They are commonly used in mid-range and high-end watches.

Japan has come a long way in the art of watchmaking. Ever since the wars, Japanese manufacturers have been perfecting watch movement craftsmanship and have introduced many well-known watch movements to the market. Due to the nature of their reputation compared to the Swiss, the price of Japanese movements is often cheaper than Swiss, but this does in no way indicate lower quality. Lots of high-end watch manufacturers rely on Japanese movements for their watches since they are very reliable. Having a sense of pride and go the extra mile of checking to ensure the movements are set to the highest standard, making Japanese movement very desirable.

Swiss Movement

Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore - Swiss Movement

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A Swiss movement is a watch movement that is manufactured in Switzerland. Swiss movements are known for their high quality, precision, and durability. They are often used in luxury watches and are considered to be the gold standard in the watch industry. 

Switzerland has been in the art of movement, making from the very beginning and as such has perfected the craftsmanship of making very accurate movements. Swiss movements are typically most aesthetically designed and usually very expensive. They can be found only in high-end watches.


Finding the perfect watch depends on each individual criteria. There are endless ways to make it more “luxurious”, but is it necessary? In Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore, we want our products to have the best price/performance ratio. Customers are paying for the material cost and not marketing. We made use of the Japanese movement to ensure our watches are affordable to everyone. This way we kept the cost down without compromising the accuracy of our automatic watches. Feel free to check our catalog for our selections of watches.


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