How To Change A Watch Strap (FAST)

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Here's a quick illustration on how to change a watch strap.

Still unclear? Please read on.

How to change watch strap (FAST)

Disclaimer : This method only applies to watch straps using spring bars. Mainly for metal bracelets, leather straps & rubber straps.

Not applicable for Apple Watch, Smartwatches and one-piece watch straps like NATO straps.


Still, it is good information when you remove your current watch strap in order to fit the NATO straps. 

Things you need:

1) Replacement watch straps

2) Spring bar tools

3) Spring bars (Optional)

1) Replacement Watch Straps

22mm Leather Watch Straps by Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore

First of all, you need a replacement watch strap. You can find our full list of watch straps here.

It is important to know your strap width before purchasing. Not a mm bigger or smaller. 

You can check out our measurement guide here or you can get the measurement from your watch manual (lug width).

Tips : Make use of our filter function to shortlist the available watch straps suited for your watch. 

2) Spring Bar tools

Spring Bar Tool by Coup De Coeur Watches Singapore

This is how a spring bar tool looks like. It comes in free with every purchase of watch straps in Coup De Coeur.


There are two parts of a spring bar tool. We just need to focus on the top part which looks like a fork.

Insert the spring bar tool in-between the watch and watch straps.

Apply some force on the spring bar tool towards the watch strap.

Once the spring retracts, pull out the watch straps away from the watch. VOILA!

Tips: one hand should be holding the watch while the other on the spring bar tool. The whole process would not require you to touch or hold the watch straps.

How to change watch strap (FAST)


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