How To Measure A Watch Strap Like A Pro

Earlier on we did a guide on how to find your watch strap's measurement. Today we are going in-depth on how you can measure watch straps like a pro! This is incredibly useful if you are looking for the right strap measurement to fit your wrist. It's also handy if you would use to use back your existing buckle when switching to a new watch strap.

So what is the standard watch band size? There is no fix rule, it all depends on the strap maker. In general, the longer the width of the strap, the longer the length of the strap. For a strap size of 22 mm, the standard length is 125mm/75 mm.

What does 125mm/75mm mean? The first measurement 125mm refers to the longer part of the strap while the second measurement 75mm refers to the shorter part of the strap(usually the buckle side). The size of the buckle is not relevant and we will not consider it inside the measurement.


Check out the diagram that we did.

Standard Strap Measurement

This is a standard 22mm watch strap. It has a 22mm lug width and tapered down to 20mm to the end. If you would like to use back your current buckle, you need to make sure your buckle width(measurement in red) is the same as indicated.


What can you do if your wrist is not suitable for standard strap?

There are three ways to do it. First, you can punch additional holes on your watch strap. Second, try to look for non-standard length watch length, it could be either extra long or extra short. Alternatively, you could look for custom watch strap solution.

Standard length vs Custom Length

Still a little unsure?

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