Why We Love ZULU and NATO Watch Straps

One of watches' most unique features is their ability to interchange watch straps.

This is how two-piece watch straps are changed when it comes to traditional watches — a small pin must be nudged out from either side in order to release the strap. It's fairly easy to put on but it's not the most convenient way to do so while you're rushing for time.

ZULU and NATO Watch Straps

As a result, ZULU and NATO watch straps come in as a simple and inexpensive alternative. It's common for watch enthusiasts to have a few watch straps as spare.

Just in case if you are wondering, the NATO we are referring is not "No Action, Talk Only".

The ZULU and NATO watch straps are mostly made of nylon, and it comes in one piece. ZULU watch strap has more of a "rounded" buckle look that is attached to the strap compared to NATO watch strap which looks more "squared-off".

What are some of the reasons that many people like ZULU and NATO watch strap and why is it so popular?

Here are the reasons why we love ZULU and NATO Watch Straps!

Fitting Time

The time to interchange ZULU and NATO watch straps are very fast! Just slip it in-between the watch pins and you are good to go. The best part is, you don't need any additional tools to change that!

ZULU and NATO Watch Straps

Fitting Style

There are so many ways of wearing your ZULU and NATO watch straps. You can try out some of the different styles that we've listed for your ZULU and NATO watch straps.

Styles of Wearing ZULU

Overall Look

ZULU and NATO watch straps give a very versatile look to the watches. It makes your watches look thicker or thinner depending on the watch straps and the fitting style.

ZULU and NATO Watch Straps


If you're someone who's always rushing for time or can just decide which watch straps to wear right before you leave home, you might want to consider ZULU and NATO Watch Straps.

Do you own more than one watch strap per watch? Let us know the numbers on the comment section below.

"How many watch straps do you have for each watch?"


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  • Arild Gjeldnes on

    For each watch, that I often use, I have several straps.

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